The ultimate event for leaders looking to elevate their employee experience and well-being, and in turn, improve their organization’s performance and success.

May 15-16, 2023

A 2-day virtual event for people leaders!

Presented by Lighthouse Leaders Group



You’re getting a lot of things right: You’re investing in engagement surveys, offering flex-work options, and providing valuable incentives for well performing employees.

 Despite your best intentions, it always stings when you see team performance dwindle, or lose an employee to another company.

It feels like you are doing everything you can to incentivize and engage your team, but you’re not seeing the results of your hard work, and you are beginning to run out of ideas to help your team thrive.


Struggling with high employee turnover, low engagement and lackluster results.

Concerned about the negative impacts of poor employee well-being on productivity and profitability.

Frustrated with the lack of proven strategies and resources to help you create a happy and engaged team.

you are doing everything you can to support your team and improve performance, but you know there has to be another way!


Have the confidence and skills to foster employee engagement through leadership and recognition.

See your team members thrive and reach their full potential, both professionally and personally.

Build a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration that fosters innovation and growth.

The good news is that it’s 100% possible!

Introducing the…

Over two value filled days, you’ll get access to world-class speakers, thought leaders and experts who will provide YOU with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to create a happier, healthier and more engaged team…that deliver results!


Hey there, I’m Terri-Ann Richards! A serial entrepreneur, with almost two-decades of business and leadership experience.

As a coach and corporate trainer, I focus on the 3Q’s of leadership: Emotional, Social and Grit Intelligence for success.

I’m a big believer in “inside-out” leadership development, understanding that at the core of good people leadership is good self-leadership. To be a successful leader to others, we must first become a better leader to ourselves.

Great leaders are not born, they are trained!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your leadership skills and your team to the next level. Register now for “The Happy & Engaged Team Summit” and get ready to transform your organization’s performance and success.

Meet your speakers

Meet the amazing lineup of thought leaders, world-class speakers and experts you will be learning from at the Happy and Engaged Team Summit.

Pierre Battah

Leading with Humanity in our New World of Work

Keshawn Hughes

Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Debra Kurtz

Alone in a Crowd: Why Empathy is Needed in Toxic Work Environments

Myriane Ouellette

The Shift : A Journey to Courageous Leadership

Françoise Roy

Unlocking the Potential of Your Workplace: Authentic Leadership and its Impact on Culture and Success

Dave McKeown

The Leader’s Horizon : Achieve the extraordinary by elevating your focus and aligning your team.

Darcey Lynch

The Engaging Leader: Connecting Employees to Your Business

Esther Hephzibah

Celebrating Differences: How Embracing Diversity in Teams Leads to a More Engaged Workforce

Mark Black

The Resilience Roadmap: Guideposts for Charting Your Course in a Chaotic World

Greta Lax

Unlocking your Team’s Superpowers: Fostering a Culture of Psychological Safety

Glen Hicks

Believing the books: Turning Leadership Downside Up

Galina Lipina

Neuroscience of Peak Performance: The Effects of Leadership Style on Team Well-Being

Peter Benei

The Employee Engagement Revolution: How Transparent Operations Can Transform Your Workplace

Isabelle LaCroix Vienneau

Empower Your Team to Thrive: Unleashing the Business-Boosting Benefits of Employee Feedback Solution

Steve Foran

Gratitude at Work – The Secret to a Happy Engaged Team

Yves Doucet

Listening So That You Can Be Heard

Natasha Velikoselskiy

Lessons to Unlearn: From Antiquated Leadership Playbooks to Building a Thriving Team in Today’s World

Terri-Ann Richards

Steering Your Ship: Why Developing Lighthouse Leaders is Essential for Navigating Change and Achieving Success

As you can see from this incredible line-up of speakers, this is an event you do not want to miss!!

This is the premier event for people leaders

Our speakers are at the forefront of the employee experience and well-being movement. You’ll learn from their insights, case studies and best practices, walking away with practical tools and strategies that you can apply within your organization right away.


Employee well-being is now an organizational imperative. Workplace stress is on the rise and studies are showing that 81% of employees will stay loyal to organizations investing in mental health supports.

Human skills are the new hard skills for success in leadership. Having the ability to lean in and utilize cultural and social intelligence will become the priority. Teams thrive and rely on good human connection between management and employee and this requires a new set of skills for leaders.

We cannot rely on HR to lead the change through our current employee crisis. They’ve been on the frontline through some of our most massive changes in the last few years and are experiencing some of the highest levels of burnout seen in this industry. The future requires a collaborative approach to change and engagement, and that collaboration starts with better leadership.

Employee engagement surveys are not a replacement for real true action. We need to move from feedback to action — but knowing what action to take is why you are here.

The future of work is flexible, diverse and inclusive — but what does that mean for you and your organization? During the summit you will hear from experts who specialize in helping companies evolve in a constant changing environment.

Each and every one of our presenters, speakers and trainers — are available for questions during their respective presentations. Giving you further opportunity to embrace and integrate the information given.

You’ll have an opportunity to network and connect with other leaders and professionals who share your passion for creating happy and engaged teams.


When and Where

The Happy & Engaged Team Summit will be hosted on May 15th and 16th, with a variety of presentations to choose from each day. This event is entirely virtual, so you’ll be able to attend from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Expert Sessions

Attend presentations from our lineup of speakers with trainings on employee and team engagement, improving culture, how to retain top talent and overall wellness for performance. Your free ticket includes 24 hour access to each presentation during the summit.

Private summit community

As an attendee, you will be invited into a private community of other leaders like you who are working towards improving their team culture, engagement and well-being. This is also where you will have an opportunity to ask questions and engage with some of the speakers.

Upgrade for the VIP experience

After registering, you’ll also have the chance to upgrade to the Lighthouse All-Access Pass which includes on-going access to the presentations after the summit wraps up, exclusive coaching opportunities, transcriptions of all the presentations, worksheets, a bonus audio feed of all the presentations and premium bonuses from our speakers. You’ll get all details after grabbing your free ticket.


Who should attend this event?

Managers, leaders, supervisors, team leads. If you lead people, you need to be at this event!

Why is it free?

Because I want as many of YOU at this event and I do not want money to be the limitation. For us to create massive change in the overall culture of our organizations, we need to do this on a larger scale.

When is this happening?

May 15th and 16th, 2023

How long will each session be?

Each session will be between 25 and 45 minutes long, with the odd one going a tad longer.


While most of the presentations for the summit are pre-recorded, there are some live elements, and the pre-recorded presentations are only available for 24 hours with your free ticket. So we encourage you to attend live if you can!

However, if you’re not able to attend all of the sessions live, go ahead and grab your free ticket, and you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to the All-Access Pass for extended access. 

Are the videos captioned or transcribed?

All pre-recorded presentations will be captioned yes, and if you upgrade to the All-Access Pass you will get access to transcriptions of ALL presentations.

Will there be any opportunities to interact with other attendees or ask questions during the sessions?

YES! Most speakers will be available in the chat during the presentation timeslot.

As a bonus there will be a few timeslots for networking pre and post event.

Will the sessions be recorded and available for viewing later?

Yes! All recordings will be available to watch for 24 hours from it’s ‘go live’ timeslot. If you wish to have ongoing access to the recordings, you can upgrade to the Lightouse All-Access pass.

Will I need any special equipment or software to participate in the summit?

You will have the best experience on a laptop/desktop. All links will be given to you in advance. Zoom and a good internet connection is all you will need.

How do I register for the summit?

You can register for free here:

What time zone will the summit be held in?

All presentation timeslots will be shown in Eastern Standard Time.

I still have questions!

No worries! Send me a note at 

Grab your free ticket and learn the tools, strategies and skills needed to create a more happy and engaged workforce and set your organization up for success!

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